Raumdeuter Radio: Glasgow — From April 2022

Raumdeuter Radio couples audio artowrks with public transport routes to reinterpret the social and physical space of the city.

Artists and Routes:

87 [Buchanan Bus Station > Springburn Park] - Alkmini Gkousiari

Alkmini Gkousiari lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice attempts to encapsulate the myth of creation or coming-into-being through engagement with the conflicts that arise from multiple cultural identities. As a Greek artist living in Scotland, she explores her country’s ancient gods, rural and orthodox rituals and family traditions to create new understanding of these dualities and multiplicitous identities. Alkmini also uses her playful sense of storytelling in collaborations, performances and site specific works to interrogate whichever landscape she finds herself in through the process of myth-making. Alkmini’s practice spans drawing, sculpture, writing, sound and performance.
Website: alkminigkousiari.cargo.site instagram: @alkminigousiari

CCL [Central Station > Central Station] - Nakul Krishnamurthy

Nakul Krishnamurthy is an Indian artist who works with Indian Classical music and explores new ways of conceiving it at the intersection of Western Classical, experimental and electronic music traditions. Using procedural approaches and electronic music making techniques, his work experiments with and attempts to reconfigure the structural foundations of Carnatic and Hindustani musics to generate new interpretations and alternative modes of engagement with the art forms. Through such radical reimaginations, which draw from his extensive study of Carnatic, Hindustani, Western Classical, and Indian Popular music, he attempts to imagine new possibilities for Indian Classical music—possibilities that are sensitive to its history of marginalisation, critically examine and challenge its power and hegemonic status within Indian society, and explore forms of migrant identity formation at the intersection and interstices of cultures.
Nakul’s debut album titled ‘Tesserae’ was released on Café Oto’s label Takuroku. His work has been presented at various venues and festivals including Counterflows, Glasgow; Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan; No Bounds, Sheffield; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto; Serralves em Festa, Porto; Centrala, Birmingham; The Listening Biennial, Errant Sound, Berlin; Café Oto, London; Harrington Art Gallery, Kolkata; KM Music Conservatory, Chennai; and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. He lives in Glasgow and is currently conducting his doctoral research at Edinburgh College of Art.
Website: www.cafeoto.co.uk/shop/nakul-krishnamurthy-tesserae/

SUB [Govan > Govan] - Moema Meade/Lady Neptune

Originally formulated in London as a performing alter-ego for nascent singer-songwriter and fashion student Moema Meade, Lady Neptune has been an ongoing work that has evolved from distorted guitar dirges, bass-heavy synth pop music into its current Hi NRG 4am experimental Gabber nadir. New Gorbals Gabber is monstrous and glorious. Informed by goblinzed cave dwelling nu metal aesthetics, cheap ‘n’ nasty instrumentation but above all, peeking like an elvin proboscis around the corner of your mind, is an unstoppable knack for hooks that elevates these compositions to channels for new planes of ecstasy.
Website: ladyneptune.bandcamp.com instagram: @l4dyn3ptune

X19 [Queens Street > The Lochs Shopping Center] - Robert Thomas James Mills

Robert Thomas James Mills works mostly with an earnest and humour-filled performance based practice. Utilising chance happenings & encounters around him whilst collecting words, thoughts & feelings, these collections inspire his stories, text work and objects. Robert's work focuses on navigating worlds he finds himself within, his sense of self and place in community.
The output of his work is often a (re)imagining, healing, lovingly wry, sci-fi-esque, (un)poetic, existential declaration that is seasoned with the self-preservation/-destructive tendencies inherited from his parents. Starting with seemingly ordinary situations Robert will transport audiences to absurd and fantastical places through his playful use of language and world building. His work will span time frames of the deep past and the hypothetical future with some of his projects having explored notions such ancient miraculous acts, inter-dimensional octopuses and a walk to which ended up on Mars.
Website: www.robertthomasjamesmills.co.uk instagram: @ sllimsemajsamohttrebor

2 [Partick Bus Station > Clydesbank Railway Station] - Natasha Thembiso Ruwona

Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is a Scottish-Zimbabwean artist, researcher and film programmer based in Glasgow. They are interested in Afrofuturist storytelling through the poetics of the landscape, working across various media including; digital performance, film, DJing and writing. Their current project Black Geographies, Ecologies and Spatial Practice is an exploration of space, place and the climate as related to Black identities and histories. They are the current resident for Alchemy Film and Arts where they are researching Tom Jenkins – Britain’s first Black Schoolteacher, and the migratory patterns of salmon through the lens of queer ecologies.
Website: natasharuwona.com instagram: @badgalnt

Curated by Romy Danielewicz & Feronia Wennborg


Raumdeuter Radio is financially supported by The Hope Scott Trust and Nordic Culture Fund.
Raumdeuter Radio is proud to be collaborating with several institutions across Glasgow:

Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Glasgow