Raumdeuter Radio: Research

How does the presence of a cultural offering onboard or adjacent to public transport affect service usage and perceptions of mass transit?

Raumdeuter Radio is not only a culture project presenting audio artworks connected to public transport routes. We are also engaged in research connecting to urbanism, sustainability and public transport policy to make public transport a more accessible and generative space for everyone.

Over the coming years, we will be working with service providers, local government, academics, policymakers and, most importantly, members of the public to produce our research. Public transport is approached in different ways and takes many different forms all over the world. We are certain that there are lessons Göteborg can learn from Lahore and Soweto can learn from Portland.

Keep an eye on this section of the website for updates on our research project, academic texts relating to specific artworks and cities in the project and links to our research partners.