Raumdeuter Radio couples audio artworks with public transport routes to reinterpret the social and physical space of the city.

Public transport is a truly public space. A space where every part of society is represented. It is a space which can be activated to help us learn more about our cities and the others we share them with. Raumdeuter Radio uses audio artworks to facilitate that - presenting pieces which accompany a listener from one end of a journey to another, providing new perspectives and understandings as they go.

The artworks are available via major streaming services and free downloadable versions for each city can be found below.

Ecological commitment

Raumdeuter Radio is committed to sustainability in urban environments. We are aware of our responsibility to offset our carbon emissions as a project. To achieve this, Raumdeuter Radio is part of the Motviktfrukt initiative - planting native species of fruit trees to offset emissions and provide free food for human and non-human animals in urban environments.