Raumdeuter Radio proposes to create a series of audio art-works connected to various public transport routes. The project will launch in Gothenburg, Sweden in the Autumn of 2021 to coincide with Gothenburg International Biennial of Contemporary Art (GIBCA). Five audio works will be produced by artists based in Sweden responding directly to five bus and tram routes in the city of Gothenburg reinterpreting the space of the city. The works may take any form the artist sees fit within the bounds of audio opening possibilities for everything from spoken word to musical composition to abstract soundscapes. These audio works will be made available to stream and download free from the Raumdeuter Radio website as well as on major streaming platforms.

The space of public transport is arguably one of the last truly public spaces. They are accessible to all, regardless of economic background, race, religion, sexuality or ability. At the same time, it is a largely forgotten space, physically and temporally. Vast swathes of the global population spend significant periods on various forms of public transport though that time is viewed as somehow dead, simply a form of limbo on route to or from work, home or social engagements. Often, those making use of these networks isolate themselves from their environment with headphones, blinkering themselves and offering a social cue discouraging interaction. The political potential of that space is huge, however. Public transport routes can tell us much about how a city functions, what its demographics and arrangements are and through its windows an ever-changing tableau of life. It offers the perfect opportunity to aid in reinterpreting and reshaping our cities.

2021 participating artists:
Kasra Seyed Alikhani
Rose Brander
Mariella Ottosson
KolbrĂșn Inga Söring
Nontokozo Tshabala

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Raumdeuter Radio are seeking curators based in Brussels to work with for the 2022 edition. Find out more here.